From the building entrance through the hallway on the right-hand side is a room (ROOM 1) with the seating and dining areas, TV set, and four wardrobes on the main level.
There is also a large desk suitable for various purposes.

On the loft there are two sleeping compartments, separated by the wall: the “pink” compartment (PINK SLEEPING) and the “yellow” compartment (YELLOW SLEEPING), each accommodating two people, with mattresses size 160/200 cm.

The corridor (CORRIDOR) is furnished with benches, shoes rack and coat rack.

On the left-hand side of the corridor is the fully equipped kitchen (KITCHEN 1), with the store room attached (STORE). The kitchen features refrigerator, stove top, toaster, microwave oven, coffee and tea maker, silverware, plates, glasses and cups of various sizes, as well as the other common kitchen accessories.

There is also a small breakfast dining area.

Further down the corridor is the entrance to the bathroom (BATHROOM 1). In the bathroom there are: shower, toilet, basin, and washing machine.

At the end of the corridor is the entrance to the main room (ROOM 2), which can be locked and the rest of the apartment separated into independent unit, with the entrance from the street level.

This room features seating with a convertible sofa, dining area, TV set, and four wardrobes on the main level.

In case that this part of the apartment is used separately, there are also benches, shoe rack and coat rack.

On the loft is the “green” sleeping room (GREEN SLEEPING) with two single beds size 90/200 cm, which can be set in the twin or the double arrangement.

From the dining area a staircase leads down to the kitchen (KITCHEN 2) and bathroom (BATHROOM 2) on the street level, with the private entrance to the apartment.

The apartment features in total: two living rooms, two dining spaces, three sleeping spaces, two kitchens, two bathrooms, one corridor and one storage room.

APARTMENT RED MARE │ rooms and spaces sketches

Languages spoken: English, français, deutsch, русский, српски (hrvatski, bosanski)